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1x Pebeo Painting On Silk Workbox Complete Kit

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PRICE: £38.99
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1x Pebeo "Painting On Silk Workbox" Complete Painting Kit.

What You Get; 9x 45ml Setasilk Colours, 1x 45ml Lightening Medium 1x Gold Water Based Gutta, 1x Brush, 1x Sponge, 1x Palette, 1x Storage box with 2 trays, 1x User Guide.

This is a fantastic set and a great way to get into silk painting. The set includes a range of bright exciting colours and Lightening Fluid to lighten any colours. All the colours are water based and Iron-Fixed (Fixed By Ironing). The Gutta can be used to draw designs and to prevent one colour bleeding into another like a barrier. The set also has a user guide that gives some tips and guidance.

This set includes all the tools you need to get started, all you need is a piece of silk and your on your way.