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1x Habotai 8 55x55cm Silk Scarf to Paint Gutta Outlined

RRP: £9.25
PRICE: £4.25

1x Arty's 55 x 55cm Habotai (Habutai) 8 Silk Scarf for Painting (Also Known as Ponge 9).  Pre Gutta Outlined.

Arty's Pre Gutta Silk Products have a design outline screen printed onto them in Gutta. The Gutta is usually Black, Gold or Clear and the width of the Gutta lines and complexity of the design varies.

This is a very high quality Silk Scarf.
A medium weight Silk, which makes it absolutely perfect for a Scarf, Wall Hanging or a Gift.
All the edges have been hand rolled, leaving a tidy narrow hem, so no sewing required.
Paint flows beautifully on this Silk due to the tight weave and will produce vibrant colours with a beautiful sheen.
The Silk is sealed in a polythene hanger sleeve (Ideal For Shop Purchases) to ensure the Silk is well Presented, Clean and Fresh When you start to paint.

Pre Gutta products are fantastic for all ages young and old, they are fun to paint, easy or challenging depending on the design you choose.
You don't have to be able to draw, just choose the colours you want to use and get started.
The results are sensational every time!
We have many different designs, weights and sizes available.

Try not to overload your brush with too much paint as this can make the paint overflow the Gutta outlines in to other areas of the design.