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1x Arty's Ponge (Pongee) 5 Silk Scarf For Painting 45x45 cm

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1x Arty's 45x45cm Ponge (Pongee) 5 Silk Scarf.

Arty's Plain White Ponge (Pongee) 5 Silk Scarf for Painting by Hand.
These are very high quality Silk Scarves.
A light/medium weight Silk, which makes it absolutely perfect for a Scarf, Bridal Dressmaking, Wall Hanging or any other Craft.

All the edges have been hand rolled, leaving a tidy narrow hem, so no sewing required.
Paint flows beautifully on this Silk due to the tight weave and will produce vibrant colours with a beautiful sheen.
The Silk is sealed in a polythene hanger sleeve (Ideal For Shop Purchases) to ensure the Silk is well presented, Clean and Fresh When you start to paint.