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17x Iron Fix Silk Paints 30ml Bottles Great Set of Colours Water Based & Mixable

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PRICE: £25.00
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A fantastic set of 17x Iron Fix Silk Paints.  This set includes a range of colours to deal with all your colour requirements.  All the colours can be mixed with each other so the colours are endless, the paints are water based, solvent and alcohol free and Iron-Fixed (Fixed By Ironing).

These paints are a very high quality and concentration, they are manufactured for us in Germany to the highest standard.

All the paints have the new improved Flip-Cap dropper lid meaning you can count one drop of paint out at a time.  This makes replicating your favourite colours very simple and easy.  Simply count how many drops of each colour you use and record the information, ready for next time.  These caps also help to avoid big spillages, unlike paint that comes in jars etc.

What You Will Receive; 17x 30ml Iron Fix Silk Paints with a new improved dropper cap.

Brilliant Red, Brilliant Blue, Brilliant Green, Brilliant Yellow, Carmine Red, Turquoise, White, Purple, Pink, Navy Blue, Dark Brown, Grey, Black, Light Brown, Olive Green, Golden Yellow, Dark Green.

NEW Bottles & Less Packaging

These paints are still the exact formulation that we have proudly been selling for over 12 years, the only difference to what you may have bought from us in the past is the packaging.  We are trying to reduce the amount of packaging that we use, so we have removed some of the labels on each bottle and changed the bottle to an all in one lid and dropper as opposed to having to have an insert dropper and separate lid.  By making these changes we can save on the unnecessary packaging which is better for the environment and in turn saves us money in the production of our paint, which means we can pass these savings on to you and sell the paints at a far cheaper price, so in our opinion everyone benefits, we hope you will agree.